How to use WhatsApp to collaborate with WalkingMalta

1. Save the number +356 7938 9305 as WalkingMalta on your contacts and send us a WhatsApp.

2. Add an image of your walk. Use your camera or upload a previous picture saved on your device.

3. Before you send the image, add a caption including some #hashtags to explain your pedestrian experience. Please, use one of these predefined variables (to help with data analysis):

For positive experiences: #Safe, #Comfortable, #Pleasant, #Vibrant.

For negative experiences: #Unsafe, #Uncomfortable, #Unpleasant, #Dull.

4. Then, you can include your own #hashtags to explain what influenced your experience. (This example contains #trees, #people, #Nocars and #noise, but you could use any other)

5. Add the location of the place that appears in your picture. This information is very important for our spatial analysis and without it your post cannot be added to our WalkingMalta webmap!

WhatsApp allows you to share your location in three different ways:

5.1. Send your current location (the exact place where you are when you send the Whastapp).

If you click on the upper-right button on the map, a blue dot shows you your current location. Once the blue dot is in the place you want to share, click on place below the maps that says "Send your current location". You need to allow Whatsapp to access your device's location.

5.2. Select a location on the map.

If you click on the upper-left button on the map, a red icon shows the center of the map. You can drag the map to place the location you want to share in the middle of the map. Once the red icon is on your place, click on the place below the map that says "Send this location".

5.3. Use a predefined location on the map.

If you click on the search meny at the top of the map, you can type the name of a place from the location you want to share. If Whatsapp has that place saved it will appear in the menu below the map a "nearby places", click on it to share the location.

6. Once you send us your WhatsApp, the information is processed and added to our WalkingMalta webmap!