About Us

WalkingMalta pursues for a more walkable and pedestrian friendly Malta through three main goals.


Leverage a proactive community of pedestrians to share their experiences, advise each other and raise awareness about their common needs and concerns.


Conduct participatory research to better understand the causes and consequences of pedestrian mobility with a local perspective.


Join forces between community and research entities to influence policy and lobby for a more pedestrian friendly Malta.

What can you do to improve Malta for pedestrians like you?

Try to walk more whenever possible, either as a means of transport, moderate exercise or recreative activity. You will be contributing to a healthier, more environmentally friendly and less traffic congested Malta.

Collaborate with WalkingMalta and be part of our pedestrian community. Everytime you see or experience something relevant as a perdestrian share it with us. You can learn how to do so here.

What are we doing to make Malta a better place for pedestrians?

We provide an online platform for pedestrians to share their experiences and concerns about the walkable environment in Malta. Find us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

We gather, process and analyse all the information shared on our WalkingMalta platforms to better understand what supports or hinders pedestrian mobility and their use of public space in Malta.

We constantly work on new innitiatives to promote and support walking in Malta. See some examples here.

Get Involved

We firmly believe that pedestrians needs, perceptions and feelings should play a key role in studying, planning and designing public space in Malta. Use any of these channels to share your experience and local knowledge with us

Pedestrian Experiences

These are some pictures with hashtags from pedestrians like you, which greatly help us to better understand walkability in Malta. You can see them all in our Walkability Map.

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Our Activities and Deliverables

WalkingMalta is involved in many activities and projects to promote and improve walking in Malta


WalkingMalta was originally set up as part of a doctoral research at the University of Malta. This initiative would not be possible wihtout the help and advise from some members of the Institute for Climate Change and Sustainable Development (ICCSD)

Carlos CaƱas

Researcher at ICCSD & Founder of WalkingMalta

Prof. Maria Attard

PhD Supervisor

Prof. Muki Haklay

PhD Co-supervisor

Raphael Mizzi

Green Travel Plan Coordinator

Suzanne Maas

Researcher at ICCSD

Mark Bugeja

Researcher at ICCSD

Romina Zammit

Administration Specialist at ICCSD

Contact Us

Institute for Climate Change & Sustainable Development:

65, Triq l-Esperanto, Msida MSD2011. Malta


+356 2340 3403

WalkingMalta Office

ICCSD Research Offices. Porta-cabins, Block B, Cabin 10. Msida MSD2080. Malta


+356 2340 3726